Some progress

So I've worked on trying to put together something that can be used for promotional purposes, like a title card or something. The results of which you can see here:

I'm not sure the colors go that well together (I'm really bad at color matching, something I've learned through years of people pointing out my mismatched socks) but I kinda like the look of it. It reflects some themes of the game, but basically nothing about what type of game it is. I will probably make something new once I've made more character models and improved the existing ones.

Game improvements

  • Added reaction symbols that pop up above enemies (you know the kind)
  • Improved some sprites that felt stale and boring
  • Revamped some parts of the HUD to make it a bit more animated
  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to enemy AI. Also starting to realize that I might have to rewrite some parts of it (I've completely re-written it once before, not doing that again hopefully)
  • Improved the player character model with more detail (added proper hands and feet! She'll need them for sneaking and shaking hands!


  • I'm thinking that the main character (Idun) is such a cliché with the red hair. Every other indie game with a female protagonist has red hair for their main character. She used to have purple hair, but it just didn't look good. The red stands out in game which makes her more visible, which makes it hard to get rid of.
  • HUD is really hard to design. I thought it would be e z p z. This makes me a bit frustrated. I'd like to just copy Metal Gear Solids' HUD and keep the bits I need.
  • Still struggling to understand if the game is looking really ugly, really bland or just pretty ok/charming.
  • Yesterday I took to Twitter and asked for stealth game recommendations, to get some inspiration. CRICKETS. I'm fairly new to Twitter, and only have something like 40 followers, so I might have been a bit too eager for people to want to give me game recommendations.

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